Dormire a Sulmona per visitare l'Abruzzo interno con le sue bellezze naturali ed artistiche

Welcome to B&B Sei Stelle Sulmona

In a setting where history and nature are the protagonists is born Bed and Breakfast Sei Stelle.
In the heart of Sulmona, overlooking Piazza Garibaldi, the main square town, the B&B Sei Stelle is the only structure receptive crossed medieval aqueduct in Sulmona, one of more grandiose civil works constructed during the reign of Frederick II and his son Manfred.
Five of the twentyone arches (in sesto acuto in pietra concia)....... crosses the structure where the beauty of a style that crosses time, the elegance of the surroundings and the family atmosphere will make your stay unique and unforgettable.
You will sleep breathing history in unique and different from each other with colors and emblems of the Borghi and Sestieri Jousting Sulmona which draw on the name.
The entire structure boasts a unique, individually decorated with marble flooring, central heating with thermostat in each room, air conditioning, internet wi-fi, TV in the lounge, reading room and breakfast room.
The breakfast, served or buffet, is full of products including some prepared at home for guests in the tradition of Abruzzo.
Value added to the structure is the terrace, only to have a 360 ° sel center of Sulmona. This terrace is available to guests who see opportunities in Piazza Garibaldi as the protagonist (“Madonna che scappa in piazza”, Giostra Cavalleresca di Sulmona ...) in order to live at the forefront of touristic events.
The attention to detail, the willingness and passion for the hospitality you will experience in Sulmona like stay at your home.

Not only Confetti

Sulmona is a very ancient town. The first settlements of populations that gave rise to Sulmona (Sulmo) date back to before the founding of Rome.
Sulmona is a city rich in art and lovable as few in Abruzzo. Rich in churches and old buildings is a destination for many tourists that want to visit all Abruzzo as is geographically placed at the center of the region. Sulmona is comfortable using as a base to visit all the Abruzzo with its 3 National Parks and many regional reserves.
Sulmona is the city of love as narrated by the Latin poet Ovid in Sulmona which gave birth.